The path taken is one rarely chosen

LOW-KI [ lō kē ]

Respect. Honor. Discipline. Dedication. IntenseComplexity

  A native of Brooklyn, New York, public school education constructed a historic , multi-time Hall of Fame pro-wrestling career, with a  legendary international championship pedigree. Also known as "The World Warrior", the competitve spirit of "The Professional" has led him to conquer every major company in the world, from World Wrestling Federation to New Japan Pro Wrestling and AAA to ROH. Arguably one of the most significant influences on creativity within the industry since 1998, this pro-wrestling artist has reached champion status over 30 times professionally, including  becoming the first Ring Of Honor champion, WWE NXT season 2 winner, first foreigner to win the IWGP Jr Heavyweight championship 3 times, a 15 year MLW undefeated streak, which included most MLW World title defenses. Mentored by Jim Kettner, Gary Hart, Manny Fernandez, Lee Fjelstad and "The Notorious 187" Homicide, Low-Ki has exemplefied professional  competition for over 2 decades.

The squared circle would not be the only platform of success. Video Game (VG) Motion Capture Performance (MCP) for legendary studios MIDWAY, THQ, NetherRealm Warner Bros. and 2K Games. Television producer and talent agent, Pro-Wrestler Coach and co-founder of professional performance education, known as "The Mind Prepared℠".