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Since 1998, I have been fortunate to be a part of a profession that has allowed me to achieve many things in life, that would not have been possible otherwise. I've been able to provide for my family, travel the world, and perform in legendary arenas, like Madison Square Garden and the Tokyo Dome. It hasn't been easy. And if it was, everyone would be able to do it. What's the fun in that?

Although I do not advocate mimicking my mentoring, from a former drug dealer and a 40+ year business owner, I was able to discover and adapt my experience to understand this:

Your success will be depend on your investments , such as time and energy, towards it.

In other words, what are YOU contributing to achieving YOUR success?

"Everyone begins somewhere", is a common phrase in the U.S.

Before the countless hours of training, far distances travelled and exhiliration of earning championships, it all began with 3 letters. T-R-Y.

I applied myself in achieving things that were difficult. At 5'8 and 165lbs, I'm hardly the traditional, larger than life, spectacle associated with Professional Wrestling. Imagine being in a land of giants of which you know you can be hurt by them at any moment, even unintentionally. If I wanted to succeed, I needed to know how to. And I did because of 3 letters. T-R-Y.

I've developed and continue to develop the real me. And if I did it, it's fair to say, you can too. But you will need 3 letters to discover

T he

R eal

Y ou.

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