To Aspiring Professionals, Not Just Wrestlers.

You wake up. All you do is think about it. You train harder than everyone around you. All you do is think about it. You yearn for your chance to be great. And all you do is think about it. The life of an athlete.

With success in mind, you try to figure out the puzzle of reaching it. In my case, it took some time but I put the pieces together. I just try to pay very close attention. In Professional Wrestling, you can learn incredibly fast if you do.

When I began my Pro-Wrestling training in 1997, all I wanted to do was be in the ring. After loading and unloading trucks at Toys "R" Us, I would travel several hours, taking subways and buses, to train several more hours and take the trip back home.

I wanted to be the first in the ring and the last one out. And it never seemed like it was work because I wanted to do it so much. Since it wasn't work to me, I could pay attention to all the things that were happening around me.

Alot of what happend around me wasn't in my control. But my in ring performances were. So I focused on that and did exceptionally well. Despite any outside stress, I knew when the bell rang, I was responsible for what happened to me, because I chose to be in there. In order for me to remain in there, I had to learn how to do it very well, very fast. I studied film. I took notes. I even travelled to find information from the people who had it.

Success is great. But it's even greater when you realize how much work you've had to put in to reach it. I believed I belonged in there against the best, so I applied myself to surpass them, not be them.

So, I'll ask you this. Who are you trying to be, the best "them" or the best "YOU" ?

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