Who Are You Again?

Cool, who are you again? Before you get all bent out of shape by someone asking you this, if you were in their shoes, would it seem fair to ask? They may not necessarily know you, about you, or even what you represent.

When you perform, who is it that you would like people to see and understand? Are you an amatuer or a professional? An athlete or entertainer? Are you someone people should pay to come see perform live because nothing beats that experience? If so, why?

Professional Wrestling is quite misleading. Before you see your name in lights, you will have to endure the struggle of competing against thousands upon thousands of others, who want to answer the same questions. Some will rise to the occasion. Some will linger near it. Some simply won't. But You.... you're a "Pro" right?

What is it that you do which separates you from being seen just like everyone else? How much time are you investing in accomplishing this? Before you can become the next Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, MVP, Shinsuke Nakamura or Kazuchika Okada, to name a few, the time you spend improving yourself with have a direct affect on your future. This doesn't seem much different than your school education. Need to improve your grades? Then study more. The idea isn't that complicated.

So, who are you again?

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