Registration Qualifications


Must have a High School Diploma or GED.

Must have a valid Drivers License or State ID.

Black Belt certification from a presently operating Martial Arts School

Training Requirements

Training apparel:

  • long sleeve shirt

  • t-shirt

  • sports bra (women)

  • yoga pants (women)

  • rashguard

  • running pants

  • knee length shorts.

Training equipment:

  • mouth guard

  • knee / elbow pads

  • towel

  • training footwear*

* Shoes that have not been used outdoors

● Amateur wrestling      ● Martial Arts

● Running                       ● Wrestling boots

All participants must be well groomed and clean. No long fingernails, dirty apparel or equipment will be allowed.


By participating in this training program, you understand and accept the inherent risk of the physical activity required with Professional Wrestling training.

At no point in this program will instruction be given in regard to health. This is a strict preparatory course for the Professional Wrestling environment.

Please consult with your primary care doctor before registering.