As an instructor at the Verbal Judo Institute, Brandon Silvestry recognized the various obstacles facing our modern methods of communication. In doing so, he developed a program called IMPACT, an acronym for Individual Management Purpose Acknowledging Conflictive Thought. This program is designed as a management course in effective professional performance.


As a course, foundation, structure and goals are defined in approaching resolution to commonly experienced conflict.


How stress impacts us and our experience is not a mystery. Our ability to interpret and communicate effectively, relies on our ability to manage ourselves, when our bodies give us signals which may interfere with our ability to perform with appropriate representation. An accumulation of firm foundation, well established structure and experience directed towards defined

Brandon Silvestry


Verbal Judo Instruction at the Visalia Convention Center

goals will improve your chances in resolving conflict.The higher the quality of your communication will increase understanding. Understanding develops trust by removing uncertainty or doubt. Trust develops confidence. Confidence allows for better expression. However, that expression will impact the achievement of your defined goals.


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